HISTORY Brownsville Jewish Community

For the first half of the 20th century, the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, NY, was a predominantly Jewish neighborhood boasting many shuls. What follows is the beginning of a project to chronicle the rich history of the Brownsville Jewish community.


Rekindle the flame after years of darkness in the Brownsville Jewish community.

Donations are tax-deductible.


Create an everlasting memory in the neighborhood where it started.
Located in the Brownsville synagogue.

SHABBAT Prayer Times

Kabolas Shabbos: at nightfall

Shabbos meal: after Kabolas Shabbos

Chassidus: 9 am

Shachris: 10 am
Followed by a Kiddush

Mincha: 15 min before sundown


In the Neighborhood


Brookdale Hospital: 1275 Linden Blvd
1:40 pm    718-240-5236

OCS Industries: 2015 Pitkin Ave
1:45 pm    917-771-6064  (Sefard)

Smartek USA: 12 Hinsdale St
3:00 pm    718-782-2111  (Sefard)

credit: godaven.com